Every business should focus on customer values.

Therefore, when we support business model generation, we focus on your values, and the values you deliver to your customers. We will work with your ideas for a new product in a very structured way. This will help you smoothly undergo the early stage of the project.

Sketching out a Business Model with extra attention to:
  1. Customers segments and demand analysis. This includes targeting the customers, market size analysis, and early adopters definition.
  2. Value proposition together with customer‘s problem identification, product shaping, competition’s analysis, and a definition of competitive advantage.
  3. Revenue Streams generated by your customers for the value you have delivered, including pricing strategy, and payment methods.
Proof of concept to verify the product by the customers. This step includes tests and technology validation required to build your product. At this stage, our main goal is to verify the potential of your concepts and theories in the realworld, and the applicability of your product. At this stage, special attention is paid to:
  1. Questionnaires and customer feedback about the idea.
  2. Testing communication channels to optimize the project communication plan.
  3. Building key partners‘ network to connect with key stakeholders, and measure their potential influence on the project.
Building prototype to give you an opportunity to identify other alternatives, and test the design to confirm the product’s functionality prior to production. This includes:
  1. Collection of essential requirements and planning of the best approach to manage them.
  2. The clients‘ and end-users‘ feedback on the initial prototype.
  3. Feedback on implementation so the prototype can be modified. The feedback loop will be repeated until the prototype has been accepted by key stakeholders. Once this has been achieved, the project can be designed.