The main aim of the projects’ audits is to improve the compliance of the project monitoring processes with the corresponding standards, procedures, and templates.

They may focus on different areas of the project, depending which stage your project is at.

  1. General project audits include the entire ecosystem of the project collecting feedback using a 360-degree approach. Project team, client and end-users, partners, and top management are all included in the feedback loop. This allows us to understand the main areas for improvement and simultaneously take the perspective of the entire organisation into account. The audit may include configuration audit for change management to ensure correct changes are registered tracked, approved, and accurately implemented.
  2. In the final project audits we focus on key factors that determine the project’s success or failure. Conducted audits focus on the lessons learned and implementation of the discovered factors‘ responses into organisational process assets.
  3. Risk audits provide feedback on discrepancies between the plans and performance of risk processes. They identify the current list of risks and their up-to-date status. All preventive actions that will have been performed will be assessed on the basis of their impact on other risks. The efficiency of the precautionery actions that have been taken is compared to the assumptions that have initially been made about their possible influence.
  4. Quality audits identify all good and best practices that have been implemented. They discover the nonconformity and discrepancies. Proactively, we offer our assistance to improve the implementation of the processes that increase productivity.

When areas for improvement will have been discovered by the audits, PMOFFICE by project coaching, and project managers outsourcing, can help your organisation improve its skill sets by strengthening your project management team.